SDH 264: Transitioning out of Corporate America into Yogi and Meditation Leader with Alma Omeralovic

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At some point in our life,  we realize that we need to pause, pay attention to our mind, body, and soul. The constant things that we encounter every day might take away our focus in taking care of ourselves. It is then we realize we need to take a shift from our current life's situation.

Today's guest, Alma Omeralovic, whose passion is connecting with people, worked in corporate for 50+ hours a week and believe she had her life under control, shares her experience how she transitioned out of corporate America into being a Yogi and meditation leader.

Alma was having a number of panic attacks per day that led her to the hospital. Even the little things she experiences daily was causing too much stress and anxiety. It was until she got a package for one month of yoga and went to try it out. After her session, she felt amazing and thought she needed to learn more about the practice. Discovering the great things that this practice have brought to her, she decided to be more involved and went to a yoga retreat and became certified as a yoga teacher herself!

Changing her focus and listening more to healing her body, Alma wanted to share her experience and journey on how she overcome these obstacles, especially suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.


  • Discover the benefits of surrounding your self with positive people

  • Realize the importance of listening to your intuition

  • Be more focus on taking care of your body

  • Learn about the benefit of yoga and meditation


"Self-care should feel good if it feels like an obligation then it's something else." -Alma Omeralovic

"Don't let something that you love to do become just another check mark on the list." -Alma Omeralovic

"I love to write things down, especially writing my planner for the week!" -Alma Omeralovic

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