SDH 257: 5 Money Blocks Keeping You From Reaching Your Financial Goals with Amanda Boleyn

SDH257 - Solocast v1.png

Today we are talking about my experience in going through a money mindset boot camp. This solocast is one that is very personal and could be the most vulnerable one to date, since I will be talking about money. 

In this solocast I want to be completely honest and frank. When I first heard of the money mindset boot camp through a friend, I was a little turned off, which in the later part, turned out to be a belief that stemmed from the early days of my childhood. Since this friend, whom I respect and value her opinion, shared some of the great things about the boot camp, I knew it was worth keeping an open mind.

In this episode you will...

  • Hear about my early childhood

  • Learn what causes money-block

  • Discover the factors that block abundance from coming in

  • Learn that your emotion and energy can affect your money flow

To some of us, discussing the topic about money might be a taboo thing. which in this episode I wanted to bring some things to light and share experiences in hopes that if it resonates with you that it can be helpful, even if this just piques your interest about wanting to learn more about your own money stories. I want to share this in a way that is encouraging for wherever you may be, when it comes to your relationship with money. Make sure you tune in for more!