SDH 258: How to Own Your Mindset and Create Abundance with Molly Sapp

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    Today’s guest Molly Sapp, is a mindset strategist who offers mindset advice and strategies to high-performance women—so they can break through blocks, ranging anywhere from health, and romance to client interactions. Listen in on her journey, while you gain the tools and tips to strengthen your mindset and business.



    • Discover how to become laser focused on a manifestation mindset

    • Hear 5 money blocks that stop you from going to the next level

    • Know the importance of creating space for receiving

    • Understand how to recognize triggers

    • Learn what a mindset coach does and the value from working with one

    • Uncover how to move past the fear of what others think



    “You have to believe what you want and it’s all in your mind.” Molly Sapp

    “Receiving is the finish line. It’s the state of going from broke to wealthy.” Molly Sapp

    “It’s a hell of a lot easier for you to just give, it takes way more strength standing in the power of love to receive.” Molly Sapp