SDH 260: How to Overcome Your Inner Critic with Amber Rae

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    Have you noticed this inner nagging critic that just won’t shut up? Do you wonder where it comes from and why it won’t leave you alone? Maybe on the outside, your life and business seem to spell out success, but on the inside, you’re truly unhappy and your inner critic has control of the wheel?

    Today’s guest, Amber Rae, noticed her nagging inner critic and one day realized she was done listening to her for good. Amber is an author, artist, and speaker whose work encourages you to live your truth, befriend your emotions and express your gifts. Hear how she stopped her inner critic, as well as share practices to take down emotional blocks holding you back.

    In this episode you will...

    • Hear how she ended up as one of seven of Seth Godin’s team for his first publishing company

    • Realize the beauty of not having a plan sometimes

    • Understand why the emotional block is the biggest thing holding you back

    • Discover the difference between “toxic” and “useful” worry

    • Learn a practice on how to address worry

    • Know why we all have this fear of scarcity and not-enoughness and how to combat it



    “The traditional path of success that I thought I was supposed to follow, that I thought everyone else wanted me to follow, wasn’t true for me.” -Amber Rae

    “When we’ve landed on that right choice, there's still a little bit of fear of course, but there’s this opening, this expansiveness, this sense of life.” -Amber Rae

    “Fear is actually love in disguise.” - Amber Rae