SDH 267: How to Become 10X More Productive with Schedule Blocking with Amanda Boleyn

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Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of what my day to day looks like, how I structure on a daily and weekly basis, how schedule blocked has made me 10X more productive and rules I put in place to help myself stay on task.

What is schedule blocking? It is blocking out certain parts of your day/week to accomplish a certain task. Schedule blocking incorporates something called “Batching” where you do similar tasks in one sitting versus multiple sittings. An example of batching might be “outlining email copy for different campaigns in one sitting” “recording all audios for one month’s podcast in a 2 hour period” “responding to any and all emails in a designated time period”

Why is schedule blocking helpful? A couple of reasons...because it incorporates batching you save on mental energy and time from having to switch in between tasks and it lets you plan ahead.

In this episode you will...

  • Learn about schedule blocking

  • Discover the importance of schedule blocking

  • How to implement schedule blocking

  • Plan your time efficiently

  • How to focus more on being productive

  • Get tips on how to maximize your daily schedule

Productive action helps you create clarity and alignment towards your goals. It helps you drive that direction.


"Busy work is noise, it is an energetic weight that holds us back from accelerating." 

"Reading can be a form of procrastination. It may feel productive at the moment but it is passive action because we’re not truly taking action."


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