SDH 279: How to Engineer Your Brand with Ainsley Moir

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    Today we'll spend some time talking about how to engineer your brand, lead up and transition with the Owner and Chief Brand Engineer of Engineer Your Brand, Ainsley Moir.

    Our guest, Ainsley Moir is a global branding and marketing expert with more than 10+ years of experience working with both big companies and small to mid-size businesses. When she was studying, Coca-Cola for her was a dream brand because of its strong brand-love. It gave her a great framework to build something that lasts and connects with people. Today she talks about her passion for building brands, from taking something from scratch and being able to build something up or taking something that's there and being able to improve it!

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear about Ainsley's background

    • Discover how Engineer Your Brand was born

    • Learn how to bring your vision to life

    • Realize the importance of building your brand

    • Learn more about how to improve your brand

    "I don't believe that any great companies out there don't just happen, they are engineered."

    "When you love what you're doing it never seems like work and it's so fun to help people to really bring their dreams to life."

    "Progress is better than perfection."

    Engineer Your Brand
    Twitter: @AinsleyMoir
    Twitter: @EngineerUrBrand