SDH 276: Overcoming Fear and Making the Big Leap with Natanya Bravo


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    Have you ever thought about leaving everything behind and start a new life? Not just a new career but to live in a different place where you're currently at? A big risk most of us might say but today our guest is here to share with us about the experience of doing just that!

    In this episode, our guest, Natanya  Bravo, is here to tell us what her journey was like when she finally decided to take the leap. Born in London and having lived in three countries by the age of six, Natanya Bravo’s love affair with travel was instilled from birth. Natanya spent the first part of her career living bi-coastal between New York and Los Angeles while leading international brand marketing and event campaigns in the entertainment industry. No stranger to being on a plane weekly for work and personal trips around the world, of the over 100 cities Natanya has visited to-date, Paris captured her heart!

    In  February  2018,  Natanya listened to that internal voice and leaped into the unknown, leaving behind her successful career, she booked a one -way ticket to Paris to live her best life. Crafted through the lens of travel, her own journey of personal development, and real-life experiences, she created The  Bravo Life to inspire women around the world to realize and actualize their full potential, while living their best lives as their best selves.  

    She is currently six months in her entrepreneurial journey, let's hear more about her experience and how she decided to leave all behind and start new!

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear about Natanya's interesting background story

    • Understand why she left her corporate job to start her own

    • Know when you think you should take the shift in your current situation

    • Discover more about The Bravo Life

    • Learn about the importance of taking a break

    "I really value experience over money." 
    "Live your best as life as your best self."
    "Just go,  you can always come back,  you can’t always go."

    The Bravo Life