SDH 288: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Podcast & Ways to Overcome Them with Amanda Boleyn

SDH 288 Amanda.png

If you are planning to start your own podcast, then this solocast is for you!

Let's dive into the process, steps and things to avoid when launching your own podcast. You could easily build a business just off the basis of starting a podcast. A podcast is essentially a medium which allows your business to share your message and to be an extension of your brand.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear about She Did It Her Ways humble beginnings

  • Learn about the things to consider before starting a podcast

  • Get answers to the why and who

  • Tips and tricks when doing your podcast

  • Avoid the mistakes when launching your podcast

"Starting a podcast is not an easy undertaking, to do it right it takes a lot of time and energy... to plan, to launch and to sustain the podcast."

"Make sure to bring in the right guests for your audience."

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