SDH 289: How to Maintain Your Brand's Voice and Personality with Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer at Bumble

SDH 289.png

Today's guest, Alexandra Williamson is Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer. She majored in Cinema-Television at SMU, where she discovered her love of content creation. Having a variety of experience with film and production, Alex began managing social media for Bumble in October 2014 and worked her way into her current position with an unwavering passion for the company’s mission and a strong belief in the brand.

Alex helps empower Bumble users and brings Bumble CEO’s innovative ideas to life. Alex communicates this vision with the Bumble community through voice, content, social media, and customer service. She makes sure that the brand's voice and personality are maintained all throughout.

In this episode, you will...

  • Learn how Alex started with Bumble

  • Discover how she shifted her role from when Bumble started

  • Find out the different roles Alex's have had with Bumble

  • Be inspired in doing what you're passionate to do

  • Hear how your previous experience can help with your current role

  • Discover how to get out of your comfort zone

"The most valuable lessons that I learned over time is that no one really knows what they're doing... everybody is just trying to figure it out."

"If you are afraid to fail, you are never gonna get anywhere."

"Get out there and try things and fail, and fail with grace and move fast."