SDH 294: How to Decide which Business to Choose and which Actions to Take

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    How many business ideas do you come up with? Which ideas would you like to do first? What stopping you from initiating these ideas?

    Today we'll talk about how to decide which business ideas to choose and which actions to take! We know that getting started is the difficult part, but we should take that micro step to move forward. So, this solocast episode is broken down into two parts. Part one we'll cover which ideas to take action on and part two is about how to take action on that idea... exciting right? Let's dive in!

    In this episode, you will...

    • Find out which ideas to consider when starting a business or hobbies

    • Know where to focus your time and energy on

    • Filter the clutter to get into the major things when making a decision

    • Be encouraged to just do it and get started!

    • Learn about SBS (Shiny Ball Syndrome)

    "The hardest part of getting started is getting started. It's taking that initial micro step."

    "Only by taking action will you start to be able to see what you need to do and what you don't need to do in your business."

    "If there's fear of what's on the other side of taking action, remind yourself that there's nothing to be afraid of. And that taking action in going down whatever path you are about to go down, is the path that you are meant to go down."

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