SDH 292: 3 Easy Steps to Help You Outsource Your First Task with Amanda Boleyn

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Hi guys! In  this episode, I'm so excited to talk all things about outsourcing.

Let's talk about the things to do when it comes to outsourcing your first task! The idea of having someone to do something for you can be a little bit overwhelming. The questions you may I ask are, "Where do you find them? How much will it cost you? What if it won't work and all other questions you may have." But I'm telling you it's all worth it!

You may think that some tasks only require a few hours of your time and you don't need to outsource them, but if you think about it, a few hours a day adds up and those hours you spent could be better used on other important parts of your business.

In this episode, you will...

  • Learn about outsourcing your business

  • Hear the advantages of outsourcing some parts of your business

  • Find tasks that you can outsource first

  • Know how to create steps to accomplish a task

"There's no wrong system, the wrong system is choosing something that you don't use."



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