SDH 296: 7 Habits that Are Draining Your Energy with Amanda Boleyn

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    I am super excited about this episode today, as I am always! I am very excited to record and publish these solocasts, if I haven't already expressed it, because I get to hang out with just you guys! Let's dive in!

    Whether you are a seasoned business owner, maybe you are still in Corporate America or wherever you're at in your journey, this episode will help you avoid the seven habits that drain your energy. Protect your energy, protect your time!

    In this episode, you will...

    • Discover the habits that drain your energy

    • Become aware of what replenishes and drains your energy

    • Learn how to show up as the best version of your self

    • Find the best way to organize your work

    • Be more mindful where to use your energy


    "Trying to please other people wasn't worth my time if I knew that I was showing up in an authentic way, and I knew it, and I think that when we go out to please other people or earn their validation and approval, we are living life for them and not truly bringing it back to us and we have spent energy in doing that."

    "Put yourself first, you have permission to put yourself first."

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