SDH 324: The Strategy Behind Building an Online Business from Opt-in to Product Sales

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    Hello friends!

    In today’s podcast, I’m covering at a high level the strategy behind building an online business from opt-in to product sales. All about how to build an online business!

    It was inspired by emails and questions that I receive often regarding creating an online product; do I need an email list before I create the product, how many people do I need on my list, where do I even start and more. During this episode, my goal is to provide you with a better understanding of the overall strategy and different stages along the way. To be honest, when I started, I had zero clues as to how this whole online business works and wish that I understood the strategy to help save me so much time and energy.

    In this episode you will…

    • Understand the strategy of an online business

    • Key ingredients you need to be successful

    • How to leverage weekly content to help build your email list

    • How to begin with the end in mind and know how it all flows through to one another

    • What an opt-in is

    • How to easily map out your strategy

    • and more.

    MarketingAmanda Boleyn