SDH 348: 5 Reasons to Not Quit Your 9-5 with Amanda Boleyn


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    In today's podcast, I want to share five reasons why you should not quit your 9-5. Say whatttt?? Yes. You heard that right. Today, I'm giving you five very specific reasons to NOT quit the job that you don't necessarily love which is draining your energy.

    Today's podcast is to help you do a quick check before you do something that you can't go back from, which I'll share why. It may also lend some insight as to why you may want to stay longer. So hear me out...

    In this episode, you will...

    • Understand why you should not leave your job yet when making the leap

    • Learn about the reasons why you should have a bridge job

    • Become more disciplined with your time

    • Find out how to be more focused

    • Be more efficient with your time and ENERGY


    • "The flip side is, if you quit your job, with no income coming and haven't validated your business is that you'll find yourself in a space of split energy, other distractions will creep in and you could potentially find yourself in a vulnerable state, mentally."

    • "Use your full-time job as a tool, use the constraint to make you more focused, productive. Use it to help fund your business as you grow it. Use it as a way to simulate what it will be like when you're on your own. "

    • "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."


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