SDH 329: 5 Simple Steps to Building Your Website with Amanda Boleyn

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Ready to ditch your 9-5 and build your service based business using your very own skill set?

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    Hey guys!!! Welcome to another solocast and today let's talk about building your website, especially if you are just starting out and getting your business going. Building a website can be overwhelming, everything can be overwhelming if you don't have a clear road map. So today we will try to make it easier by following these five simple things.

    In this episode, you will…

    • Learn about the importance of having your own website

    • How to select your domain

    • Find out how to plan before you start creating your website

    • Understand what it is that you like and you don't like

    • Why is the "About Me" important on your website

    • Follow my five simple steps to start building your website

    • and more!


    • "When choosing your website domain, if you afraid of making the wrong decision, just know that you can always go back and change it down the road."

    • "Your website is your home and you are the tour guide of that website."

    • "Your about me page will be one of the most visited parts of your website."


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