SDH 027: Master Public Speaking Unapologetically with Anne Ricketts


Lighthouse Communications is a company dedicated to helping their clients achieve a higher level of communication. They do communication training for the ever-growing global workforce and coach one on one or in group settings. The company also focuses on presentation skills and workshops for women. Anne's company has some impressive clients as well! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Netflix, to name a few.

In this interview, you'll get great tips on public speaking from Anne. So, we've crafted a free printable for you to use when preparing for your next speaking gig.

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“Saying yes to opportunities. Believing in yourself that you’ll figure it out as you go.”

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We Talk About:

  • How she got started in building Lighthouse Communications

  • The evolvement of her business from English as a Second Language workshops to public speaking workshops for everyone

  • Her workshops for women and the unique challenges women have in male-dominated fields

  • Women often give credit to other people for their accomplishments or feeling qualified

  • Building awareness of how much we (women) apologize or use disclaimers

  • How she built her courses and workshops

  • Presentation preparation tips, how to hook your audience, and storytelling

  • Building blocks of a presentation including the No-No’s – Get our free printable to prepare for your next presentation (below)!

  • The evolution of public speaking and how we (surprisingly) used to do it better

  • The Pursuit of Persuasion for women

  • Keep your emails brief and concise. Start with your point, bold it, then explain. Don’t take a no-response personal. Follow up (unapologetically).

Notable Quotes:

“Fully own your credibility”

“People are going to think what they think anyway so just go for it and project the most confidence that you can.”

When you give a presentation, start off strong. Start off with a story. Don’t start off by introducing yourself or going over housekeeping items.

“You need to be yourself”

“Just because you’re the speaker doesn’t mean you need to memorize, talk endlessly and get through your script. It’s more important that you’re connecting and how you connect is just to be yourself.”

“Be a passionate conversationalist.”

“It’s more important that you’re connecting to your audience and being human than being perfectly memorized.”

“We haven’t thought through our content before we start to speak. So we’re figuring it out as we speak.”

“Assume the best and don’t take things personally. Just follow up.”

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[Connect with Anne: Lighthouse Communications, Facebook, Twitter (@RickettsAnne), YouTube - Lighthouse Communications, (]


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