SDH 340: Behind the Scenes: How to Prepare for a Vacation + First half of 2019 Review + New Routine


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    Hello beautiful listeners and welcome to another episode! Today’s topic is a sort of a hodge-podge because I’m taking three key topics and putting them all into one episode! Nonetheless, I am very excited because the key things that we are talking about, I feel that, they are going to hit home with the majority of you, if not, all of you.

     We will talk about taking a vacation while a business owner and what does it mean and what’s that relationship looks like?... To share with you some key things that I learned about business and myself in the first half of 2019. I will also share with you how I took myself from a routine rut through this one tool that had helped me increase my productivity like no one’s business.

    In this episode you will…

    • Find out about taking a vacation as a business owner

    • Learn how to get away from the routine rut

    • Hear about the key things I learned about business

    • Get to know about the one-tool that has accelerated and increased my productivity

    • Effectively manage your calendar schedule

    • How to prepare for vacation being a business owner

    • Why it’s important to have an email list

    • Discover the importance of slowing down

    • An Effective way to use social media

    • Learn about the Pomodoro technique


    • “The times when I felt the most uncomfortable and the most discomfort is when I have grown the most.”

    •  “Take a step back and don’t ever feel like you have to always be on social media.”


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