SDH 343: Behind the Scenes of a Product-Based Business with Angela Allison


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    Wine in a can. Why not? Delivered to your doorstep. Even better! Our guest created her business to bring wine-lovers together, making drinking wine simple and to focus towards the experience, the connections and memories that are made when sharing a glass (or in this case, a can) of wine.

    Our guest today is the CEO and co-founder of WineSociety, a Napa made premium canned wine company that launched in 2018, Angela Allison. Angela’s mission through WineSociety is to share a taste of Napa Valley with wine lovers (both new and experienced) across the country! With a key prominently displayed on all its packaging, this welcoming society gives you the key to enjoying great wine anytime, anywhere. WineSociety’s signature "Instagram-worthy" 500ml cans of premium red (TEMPT), white (FATE) and rosé (CHANCE) can be found in National retailers including Kroger, BevMo, and Albertsons as well as on

    WineSociety is a premium canned wine company that is on a mission to change the way Americans purchase and consume wine. WineSociety is simplifying the process of making wine accessible, convenient and affordable to everyone.

    In this episode, you will...

    • How WineSociety came about

    • How Angela transitioned to entrepreneurship

    • Find out the reason behind wine-in-a-can

    • Discover how she brought her idea to the world

    • Get to know the timeline from "idea" to "actual business"

    • Learn about the work that goes in a product-based business

    • Hear about "Angel investor"


    • "The other thing that sets us apart from a lot of the other wine brands is that we focus mainly more on the lifestyle aspect."

    • "We believe that wine is meant for you plus your lifestyle. There's no wrong way to enjoy your wine."

    • "It's better to be the one that smiled than the one who didn't smile back."


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