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Heather is an executive producer at BlackSheep Productions, a company that does production management for corporate meetings, special events, trade shows and other marketing communications initiatives. Heather has seen a great amount of ups and downs throughout her career to find the dream work she is now involved in, and she has accomplished such a task by trusting in another source to lead the way. With a background in theater, Heather offers a vibrant and exciting interview full of personality to boot!

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What We Talk About:

  • Growing up on stage and starting a life in theater

  • Getting into corporate theater

  • Her fluctuating career and the 5 Year Darkness

  • Surrendering to her higher power to make choices for her

  • Becoming a producer

  • Beginning work at Blacksheep

  • How she deals with high-pressure situations

  • Taking action, making mistakes, and failing fast


Notable Quotes:

“It gave me the opportunity to run a business without any of the risk of owning it.”

“We are driven to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of the people that we interact with, and that’s a differentiator.”

“I would work all the time and just take breaks for life, and now I work some of the time, and I live most of the time.”

“It’s not magic it’s just experience.”

“This moment is the most important moment.”

“The one thing that’s constant is change.”

“If there is going to be a change, I am responsible for taking that action to make that change.”

“Let’s just start, and we’ll figure it out as we go.”

“Make mistakes. We can recover from any mistakes that we make. The only thing we can’t recover from is something that kills us.”

“Fail fast.”

“You’re on your way to dying if you’re not growing.”

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