SDH 346: How to Gain Organic + Free Visibility with Amanda Boleyn


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    Hey friends! I am so excited about today's content which is all about gaining organic visibility, which is a key-piece when growing your business! I think it is important to know that not all free and organic visibility is equal. You want to be intentional and smart with your plan. 

    Organic and free visibility rely on the relevancy of the content that you offer, to achieve wider and organic visibility you need to ask the right questions. Are you intentional and smart? Why do you want visibility? What do you want to gain from the visibility? These are just a few questions you can ask before starting your efforts to increase your visibility. If you are guided by the right answers to these questions and not just doing for the sake of doing, you will be able to deliver great content and results that your audience can relate to.

    In this episode, you will…

    • Learn how to gain organic and free visibility

    • Why is it important to be visible

    • Decide the best way to gain visibility

    • Find out the benefits of being strategic

    • Know your audience and competitors

    • Learn about the different ways to be visible

    • How to get in front of your audience or followers

    • Know about the ways to get your followers to get engaged


    • "It's all about the strategy and how you are engaging with people on top of the funnel and continuing the conversation behind the scene, through email or direct messaging."

    • "Creating engagement is asking questions and sharing client's success stories."

    • "You don't want to always just be selling, you want to be giving information and value."


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