SDH 338: How to Increase Your Productivity in Your Business Using Flow and Intuition with Megan Minns

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    Our guest for today is all about personal development, self-care and how your personal life should be a consideration before you even start talking about business.

    Megan Minns, a Productivity and Business Coach for entrepreneurs, helps new business owners develop productive systems to keep them organized and efficient. She does things a little bit differently, which starts with personal life before talking about business stuff. Megan and I had a dialogue about sharing our conversation from Voxer and Instagram and to bring them to life as we both have learned a lot. We have had a lot of "aha" moments which will be insightful and helpful to you if in case any of you is going through these similar situations.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Get a glimpse of Megan's background

    • Where she is at now in her business (she's a returning guest)

    • Learn the importance of being systematic

    • How to maintain productivity while staying in a state of flow

    • Discover what might cause you to burn out

    • How to open up and incorporate flow and intuition in your life

    • Learn why trying to achieve perfection is not always a good thing

    • How to be comfortable for just being yourself

    • Being strategic and systematic is not always what's best

    • How to find your inspiration


    • "As an entrepreneur, shouldn't I be enjoying life more?"

    • "I'm a systematic person now but I think it comes from a fear of letting go, and like trying to control things."

    • "It's been incredible to incorporate flow. I used to always come at things from, everything has to make logical, strategic sense."


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