SDH 023: Meaningful Marketing with Kate O'Neill

Kate is the founder and CEO of KOInsights a company that provides research, tools, models, and insights that foster more meaningful relationships between customers and brand, between tech and humanity. Kate is a Speaker, Writer, and Consultant working around the idea of “meaning”.

“My career has shifted over discovering things and focusing on the people who are using the systems”

Kate focuses on the people and meaningfulness as it relates to data, analytics, and marketing, as well as business strategy.

“Any day you’re not doing plumbing is a good day.”

We talk about:

Kate’s story and what Kate does

Her old company, [meta]marketer (recently closed), and how it strengthened the intelligence of marketing organizations through data and customer centricity.

“Relevance is a form of respect.”

Understanding customer’s motivations and the traditional counterintuitive approach to marketing

“Analytics and the data that you see when you look at a website and social media… that is people.”

How to be intentional, proactive and thoughtful in how you set up analytics in order to use it well

“Opportunity to pivot your understanding of who the customer is and how you can be authentically in the space with the customer having a true interaction about what it is you really know and do, but what they really want to know and do as well.”


Resource for finding trending topics:

  • Twitter lists to see what the good thinkers and expressers of knowledge are talking about

  • Instagram and Pinterest for visually conceptualizing an idea

  • YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope and Meerkat – live content to tune into and see how people are talking about a given concept

Deeper dive to a Twitter List – Creating “light touch” interactions and discussing information overload

“I just think there’s a lot of untapped potential for Twitter with people”


Tools to understand what’s meaningful/metrics:

“If there is something that I want to do, and no one is necessarily offering me the opportunity to do it for them, then I want to go out and create that thing for myself.”

Entrepreneurship has taught me a lot of resourcefulness and self-trust

“The ideas that I have are worth exploring and they’re worth investing in.”

Book Recommendation: Good to Great – Jim Collins

“There is nothing like entrepreneurship to teach you resilience.”

[Connect with Kate: Twitter (@KateO),]

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