SDH 006: Build A Business Without Even Knowing It with Kathryn Snellen

Today on the podcast we had the opportunity to interview the lovely Kathryn Snellen, owner of Kathryn Elise Studio, a boutique agency and blog offering creative perspective for brands. Kathryn is also the co-founder of Go Blog Social, a Midwest blogger conference designed to educate, inform, and inspire.

In the interview, Kathryn talks about her start-up experience, the road to self-employment, and her amazing experience and struggle of inevitably building her own business without even knowing it. She discusses her timeline of going out on her own and the little details we all tend to forget on setting up the back-end logistics of the business.

"People will believe in you, if you believe in yourself"

Kathryn's book recommendation (which we absolutely LOVE!) :: #GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

But wait! If you're feeling spontaneous, feel free to check out this fabulous Go Blog Social Workshop event in Kansas City, MO. It's happening THIS weekend, February 22, 2015. Click Here for tickets!

Catch up with Kathryn on Instagram (@KathrynEliseStudio) and Twitter (@KathrynElise).

Check out Go Blog Social on Instagram (@GoBlogSocial_) and Twitter (@GoBlogSocial)

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