SDH 034: DO WHAT YOU LOVE, FULL-TIME with Kat Pummill


Kat is a full-time yoga instructor in Chicago and writes a health and wellness blog called the Fit Girl’s Kitchen. She is a certified holistic nutritional health coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and runs the wellness website, Fit Girl Wellness, offering retreats, nutritional coaching, and yoga to the world.

We Talk About

  • Kat’s transition from running global marketing for a hedge fund software company in Chicago to where she is now.

  • Her experience with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and yoga teacher training

  • Her “I can always go back” trick

  • Changes she has noticed after making her transition

  • Working in a male-driven industry

  • Kat’s advice to those who don’t feel aligned with their career

  • The making of Fit Girl Wellness, yoga retreats and traveling for work

  • Introduction to meditation through yoga and how to develop mindfulness

Notable Quotes:

“I liked my job, I liked what I did, but I wasn’t really fulfilled.”

“It was more natural for me to write about something that I loved, that I was passionate about, and that I enjoyed.”

“I noticed that’s where my energy went, naturally, and that’s what I wanted to spend my time doing. […] How could I weave in what I love into what I’m doing full time?”

“I can’t half-ass my job and half-ass this yoga thing. That’s never going to make me successful. I need to fully commit to one or the other.”

“You can’t listen to other people’s opinions of what you’re doing, and you can’t think about how people are going to perceive you or judge you. You just have to know within yourself that this is the choice.”

“I was using things like alcohol and shopping to counterbalance the stress I was putting into my career, and now that I am more internally satisfied with what I’m doing, I don’t feel the need to do those things anymore.”

“Be comfortable with your silence and start listening to yourself.”

“Mindfully act instead of react to situations.”

“Have a positive mindset and approach things from a standpoint of ‘I have enough’, and anything beyond this is just icing on the cake.”

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