SDH 345: Overcoming Growth Challenges While Building a Multi-Six Figure Business and More with Boss Project Co-Founders


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    Our guests for today has been on the podcast a couple of years ago, they had shared with us how they started, their challenges along the way, their successes, and how they grow their business as the years passed.

    Today, they are here to give us an insight as to where they are in their business and their decision to change their business name from Think Creative Collective to Boss Project and so much more!

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear how Abagail & Emylee met

    • Discover the idea behind creating their business

    • Learn why they change their business name

    • What inspired the Boss Project

    • Hear about the challenges they encountered before and after rebranding

    • How to figure out the right people to bring into your business

    • Decide if you need to separate personal vs business identity

    • Make social media work for your business


    • "We would grow fast because we were ready to grow fast."

    • "As you grow, there's a lot that happens both operationally and with your team... a learning curve for someone who has not necessarily been a boss of someone else. For a long time, we told ourselves that we weren't good bosses."

    • "Having 10 million dollar business might not be the best way to make 10 million dollars."


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