SDH 336: Making Multi-Million Dollar Launches Stress-Free with Emily Hirsh


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    Our guest for today take the fear and overwhelm out of marketing and make even the most complicated, multi-million dollar launches 100% stress-free! Meet Emily Hirsh, she's an industry-leading Facebook Ad Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist who works with high-profile entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate revenue using proven Facebook and sales funnel strategies.

    With her team of over 20 top-level strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers she can maximize marketing potential and provide creativity that converts. Today, Emily works with some of the biggest names in the life-coaching, personal development, health + fitness, and network marketing industries.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Get to know Emily Hirsh

    • How she started her journey

    • Hear how she was able to create her team

    • Learn how she started from 0 to 24 employees

    • Get her tips on how to hire and manage her team

    • Discover the importance of having a vision

    • Learn how she manages her business

    • Get some insights on how to create processes for your business

    • Find out what's the hardest thing she had to say no


    • "I never see things, and my team as well, like a huge failure or a mistake. If something happens we break it apart and there are chunks that we can learn from it."

    • "Ask yourself, if I put more on my effort into my marketing, my delivery or my sales would I grow my business with how it is right now?"

    • "Every yes is a no to something else."


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