Want to get more done in a day? Try this.


If there is anything I have learned about being an entrepreneur is that sometimes you feel as if there are not enough hours in the day and then I remind myself that I have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce. And truthfully it isn’t about the number of hours in a day, it is about what we do with them and how we spend them that counts.

Below are 3 things I do to help me get more done throughout my day...


1. Turn Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Do you ever keep your phone near you so that "incase" someone calls or texts, you can respond right away? Me too girlfriend. Been there done that! But what I’ve noticed is that when I’m always available or within reach, it becomes a major distraction and a major hinder to my ability to be productive. What I have learned is that when I’m working on projects or doing something that requires my full attention I will switch my phone to airplane mode. That way I can stay as focused as possible. Again, I’m not perfect and sometimes do still keep the phone close to me especially  if I know someone is going to call or I’m communicating with someone but for those moments of intense focus, creative work, that phone is going to be on airplane mode. 


2. Break your days down into 30 minute increments (using the Pomodoro technique)

The Pomodoro technique is a great way to break your day up into bite size increments that promote productivity. The Pomodoro method is work intensely for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.

Megan Minn's has a great video around the Pomodoro technique and how to create  an “ideal day” calendar. So instead of schedule a massive 2 hour chunk of time on her calendar that says “Work” she will break that 2 hour chunk down into four 30 minute chunks of time and get real specific on what she plans on doing during that time. Check out her video here.



3. Check Email Last

I’ve found that when I check email first thing in the morning I tend to not only get sucked into it but get anxious. I started noticing that I would expend all my energy on email that when it came to the important stuff that really moves my business forward I would be drained and didn’t have the mental stamina to be fully present.

Now,  mornings are spent doing intense, thoughtful work like blog creation, planning, interviews. I want to make sure that i can give 100% to the important tasks before diving into email.



For the next week, pick one of the three tips to try and see how it impacts your ability to get more stuff done.

Also, check out this interview with Tonya Dalton, SDH 160 - Building a Business That Fulfills You. Tonya is the founder of inkWELL press and is all about productivity hacking.