SDH 326: What is SEO and How it Works with Melissa McGraw

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Ready to ditch your 9-5 and build your service based business using your very own skill set?

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    Our guest for today had helped brands grow their organic audience by millions. Nope, that’s not a typo, millions! Melissa McGraw, founder of The Creative Potential had worked with brands and have multiplied their organic search by triple digits in a matter of months.

    She fell into the world of SEO when she started writing copy for Amazon over 9 years ago. Her fascination with the psychology of why people search for certain phrases or keywords led her to create over 100,000 SEO friendly product listings that are bringing in the dollars on Amazon today.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Hear about Melissa's background

    • Discover why she transitioned from corporate

    • Find out how she took the leap

    • Learn about her business and how she grew it

    • Get tips and advice when starting out your own business

    • Gain insights on how SEO works

    • and more!


    • "Remember that your space is sacred and who you allow into your space is crucial to your happiness and success."

    • "No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” – Gary Vaynerchuk



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