SDH 333: What to Know When Launching a Membership Site and Why I Shut Mine Down with Amanda Boleyn

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    Have you thought about starting a membership for your business? Why do you need a membership site? Should you have a monthly or yearly paid membership for your business? We'll answer these and more as we talk about the different types of membership that you can use for your business!

    For this episode, we'll focus more on the paid membership because that's where I have more experience with.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Learn about the different types of memberships

    • The benefits of having a paid membership

    • The difference between having a course vs membership

    • The different types of membership

    • Things to know when running a membership


    • "I am someone who is a catalyst for taking action. I'm all about taking action before you think yourself out of it."

    • "When it comes to membership and the membership model, one of the biggest pieces is marketing."

    • "Remember that you are the business owner and you will not make everyone happy, but you have to do what is in the best interest of your business and that is most likely the majority of the paying customers."


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