SDH 037: Anything But Average with Yvonne Lyngaas

In 2009, Yvonne Lyngaas started her own creative merchandising firm, Monarch & Company, in Chicago. Monarch & Company gives companies the opportunity to express who they are, and develop emotional connections with their audience through personalized products and apparel. With only 18 months of experience in her field, and no business plan, Yvonne’s determination guided her to make her vision come true and the path she followed was anything but average…

Extraordinary Topics With Yvonne

-Recognizing that your mind is a powerful tool

-How her vision has changed from when she was 24, to now at 31

-Realizing the job she wanted because of the adrenaline rush behind it

- Leaving a job that made her unhappy & starting her own company in her parents’ basement

-The value of having support of family & friends

-Why she thinks being average is “gross”

-How to not think of your employees as tools, but as people

Rare Reactions Quoted:

“I don’t think I have a great story.. I did not have this huge plan of what I wanted to do. There are a couple things I did have and I carry them with me.. I had a vision, and determination.”

“Growing up it was engraved in me that you can be anything you want as long as you set your mind to it. Your mind is a very powerful tool and you are a very important person, and you are different than everybody else.”

“The word comfortable makes me uncomfortable.”

“If you are not always looking for change, embracing change, challenging things, and asking questions, you are doing yourself a disservice in life.”

“Own the fact that you are unhappy. Identify the things that are making you unhappy, and write down things that will make you happier. Put those in front of your face everyday, whether it is when you are brushing your teeth, or after you get home, to remember what you are working towards. ”

“If you could surround yourself with a network of people that genuinely care about you, and you care about them, I think you can find the answers to some of the things you are looking for.”

“I didn’t have a plan. I have written so many business plans,70+ pages long,and when I started this, it all went out the window. Because to me, it was more about how ‘I will figure it out’ and I have.”

“It is really easy to just look at your employees as tools, and the second you start to think that, you have to take a step back and bring everyone in as people again.”

“I always used to worry about what other people were thinking. But, I pushed that aside and focused on growing and what was good for Monarch. The other people that think like that will gravitate towards me, and that is what happened.”

“You probably will fail, but you look back to those situations and say ‘I am doing more than everybody else.’ For me, it goes back to being average. There is something that grosses me out about that.”

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