The list below are the very best tools that I've used to help launch, grow and sustain my business. 




Hands down, my favorite email marketing software. Extremely simple and easy to use. 

Click here to check out ConvertKit and get a FREE trial.


2. ASANA HQ (Project Management)


I absolutely love Asana and love using it as my ultimate business hub. I have been able to grow my business from just me to now having 4 virtual assistants. I’ve been able to create templates, assign tasks and automate things in my business to make it more streamlined and more efficient. I also created a course to teach other business owners how to do this or virtual assistants who want to do this for their clients.

Click here to learn more about Scale Your Way.


3. SIX-FIGURE BLOGGER (Online Product Creation + Strategy)

Six-FigureBlogger - Small.png

I had purchased a handful of courses around email marketing, how to create online products and by far, hands down this was the best online course that I invested in that showed me the strategy behind product creation, opt-ins, sales pages and affiliate marketing. The co-founders, Alex and Lauren are absolutely real in the way they deliver their content and truly take you behind the scenes and give you the tools to be successful. While it says "Blogger" in the title and I don't consider myself a blogger, I originally purchased it because it came highly recommended from a friend and it did not disappoint. This is a great resource/course for anyone looking to break into the online space.

Click here to learn more.

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4. PODIA (A home to host your courses, memberships and downloadables)

Podia is where I house all my courses, downloads and memberships. It is super easy to navigate as the creator and their customer service is absolutely top-notch. I love the people behind the company. If you're looking for a software to host your products, this is it. 

Click here for a 14 Day FREE trial.


5. The Contract Shop

The Contract Shop, created by, Christina Scalera is your go-to place for all things legal. On her site you can find templates for website terms and conditions, GDPR compliance, contracts, LLC Operating agreements and more!

Search all of her templates, here.



Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.40.46 AM.png

 I use Calendly daily to help schedule calls and podcast interviews. I absolutely love their interface and how easy it is to navigate and connect with my calendar. If you’re not ready to upgrade, they also have a free version you can check out.

Check out Calendly here.



Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 12.37.13 PM.png

Canva is my favorite software tool to help create and design graphics for my courses, podcast episodes and downloads. 

Check out Canva here.


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8. Planoly

Planoly is my go-to for scheduling out Instagram posts ahead of time. I can see what my feed is going to look like and it is great for keeping tracks of my analytics. 


Click here to check out Planoly.



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