Due to such high demand I am excited to share that we are offering a virtual edition of the She Did It Her Way Summit!


What does this mean? It means that you'll be able to access ALL of the speaker sessions from the event, virtually.

What's included? Every Saturday speaker session:

  • Amanda Boleyn - Setting Intentions for the day and how to get the most out of the event
  • Shauna VanBogart - Define Your Sweet Spot & Design a Fail Proof Business
  • Katie Lord - Marketing From the Ground Up
  • Maria Bayer - How to Get Your First Customers
  • Helena Swyter - Organize Your Accounting
  • Tess Wicks - Pricing For Profits
  • Megan Minns - Systems that Scale
  • Amanda Boleyn - Close, set goals and benchmarks moving forward

For more information about each session click here. 


. See full line up here




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