Learn exactly how to 

“Plan Your Profitable Leap without the Confusion”

The most common questions I get asked are...

"I’m struggling to create a business plan where my business is profitable in about 6 months (I need to make $XXX a month from it to make my ultimate leap). I’m willing to put lots of work in it, but where do I even get started and what are the key elements that go into it? How do I even price my services?"


Here's what I'll be teaching during this FREE workshop:

  • Different types of pricing strategies for service based business owners (find the one that's right for you!).

  • What to consider and how to price your services for profit.

  • Understand your risk tolerance and how to plan accordingly.

  • Learn how to break down your financial goal into actionable steps so that you know exactly how many hours/clients you need in order to reach your goal so that you can leap sooner!

  • BONUS: Learn my calendar blocking method so you can designate certain chunks of time to your clients and fast track your ultimate leap!


Attend the LIVE workshop…

Wednesday, June 19th

7pmCST via Zoom


Please note, a recording of the training will only be available for 36 hours after each LIVE call time.