SDH142: 7 Day No Complaining Challenge + What I'm Outsourcing + My 1st Blog Post + Her Way Community

Hi She Did It Her Way listeners!

I'm super excited about today's solocast - lots of different things I'm covering so stick with me!

Do you ever get so busy sometimes doing life that you forget to live? Where things become a checklist rather than experiencing it? For example, you’ve got back to back events, meetings, celebrations (that are all amazing and exciting I might add) but sometimes you find yourself not even being able to enjoy them because you’re thinking about the NEXT thing you’ve got coming up. Whether you look at your schedule as a “get to” or “have to” which I always like looking at it from the former point of view. Yet still, sometimes you can't help it slip to the latter.

Here more about on the podcast about what's been happening lately. But here enters the....


  • 7 days of no complaining
  • Join me by using #mywaychallenge on Instagram
  • Why? Because sometimes we need a reset

Okay, onto the next...


  • Quip - Quip designs & delivers refreshing tips and tools that simplify and protect oral health. That simple and easy. 
    • Why I love it? Where does one begin?!
      • Sleek design
      • No more cords
      • Extremely high value - costs less than my Sonic Care
      • It actually looks good hanging out in my bathroom
      • LASTLY, it is on auto ship so I don't have to think about ordering anything (and that includes toothpaste and floss)
      • Initial invest for a single is $40 and then $10 after that, every three months
  • Hello Fresh - You guys have heard me talk about Hello Fresh before and how much I love them! They were a life saver when I got back from Europe a week ago. I was able to order a shipment to arrive when I got back so I didn't have to worry about going to the store. 
    • Also, for today's episode I partnered with Hello Fresh! They make cooking fun, easy and convenient. 
    • For first time users of Hello Fresh, use promo code


to receive $35 off your first order!

  •  LOLA - They are a 100% organic cotton tampons delivered straight to your door. Toxin FREE! Only 1 ingredient - cotton! The founders came on the podcast and their interview will be airing in a few weeks and I absolutely LOVE what they're doing. 
    • Why I'm digging LOLA? Hmmm.....lots of reasons...
      • All organic tampons, no toxins
      • I get to chose how I want to build my box of tampons I receive (super cool and easy to use interface)
      • AND girlfriend, I get to put that stuff on auto shipment, meaning I don't have to think about ordering tampons let alone every being caught not having any in a time of crisis ;)

**LOLA is giving She Did It Her Way listeners

65% OFF

their first order by using promo code


at checkout. 65% OFF...say what?! They're practically giving them away...why would you not try 'em out. (And this is NOT sponsored either - I just LVOE what they're doing!)


3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Health as an Entrepreneur - stay tuned! My goal for March was to write two blog posts but I'm so happy to still get at least one out! :)

HER WAY COMMUNITY (formerly Her Way Challenge)

If you've been following along for some of my solocasts then you know one of my goals has been to streamline things when it comes to She Did It Her Way from email, to podcasting and really focusing on what is going to produce the most value for my listeners.

Tune in to hear more about WHY I made the switch. And join us in the Facebook Group if you're someone who is looking to launch a business, or has already! It is focused to support, connect and engage women doing go-getter things.

Facebook Group

That is it friends!

Thanks for following along and don't forget to join me in the 7 day NO complaining challenge! I'm excited to see what I learn from it. 





SDH141: How to Differentiate Employee Vs Entrepreneur Mindset with Bridgette Mayer Johnson

What was your dream job when you were younger? As you got older did you realistically see yourself doing it anymore? Did your situation nurture your dream, or only enable it to be a far-fetched goal?

Today's guest, Bridgette Mayer Johnson, dealt with an unsteady  childhood, coupled with a lack of financial backing, so her dream of having a career in the arts didn't seem like a career path that would lead to a fruitful future. But she believed in her love for beautiful paintings and environments, and in 2001 she started Bridgette Mayer Galleries, which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 She recently opened up an art consulting firm outside of Los Angeles, California. In her 16 year entrepreneurial career, she has been able to expand her expertise in numerous art related fields, allowing her to express passion in whatever form she chooses.

Listen in as we hear Bridgette Mayer's path to success!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to see the potential in yourself to be an entrepreneur
  • Differentiate between an employee and entrepreneur mindset
  • Figure out how to tailor your business to fit what you want to do in your industry
  • Understand the challenges your business will face as you enter into your market
  • Learn the benefits of creating strong relationships with your network and community
  • Learn how to grow from your struggles


"So many exciting things have happened for me professionally, things I could never predict; part of it was stepping on the path to doing what I was truly being called to do." -Bridgette Mayer

"No, I don't want to be an employee. I'm operating as an owner. And if I am an owner, essentially I can try anything within marketing and promoting artists, and I can really take on operating a top notch gallery business." -Bridgette Mayer

"To go through college and succeed and then to jump into the art world with zero money and build a multimillion dollar business, is not a typical story in my industry. So I wanted to put it out there to share with entrepreneurs, women, artists, creative people and to inspire them; give them an example that you can have a challenging life, and you can have a dream to do something and turn it into something and be very successful at it."-Bridgette Mayer


Bridgette Mayer Gallery Website

Bridgette Mayer Website

Bridgette Mayer Facebook

Bridgette Mayer Instagram

Bridgette Mayer Twitter

Bridgette Mayer Pinterest

Bridgette Mayer Linked In
"Purple Cow" by Seth Godin



SDH140: Be Your Own Hero with Donna Mondi

Imagine if you quit your job to start a luxury business based on want and confidence, the day of 9/11?

That was the predicament of today's guest, Donna Mondi, owner of Donna Mondi Interior Design. The odds were stacked against her and the growth of her business was slow and steady, but her immense drive and passion to be the best interior designer kept her going.

Now her company has been awarded one of Chicago's Top 15 Best Designers by BuildDirect Blog and is a Silver Key Winner of the Home Builders Association. Despite the credibility of her business, she is still learning tricks of the trade, especially how to celebrate her company's current successes. Because as a business owner it is hard  to not look what's next on the horizon.

Stay tuned as she adds She Did it Her Way to her list of accomplishments!

In this episode you will…

  • Know how to stand out amongst amateurs in your field
  • Find out how to choose a quality staff
  • Utilize your platforms and toy with your marketing strategy to see what works best for your business
  • Figure out how to be your own hero in times of crisis
  • Learn to celebrate and appreciate your successes
  • Realize the best way for you to track your businesses progress

“If I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I ever would have made that leap because I would have been too aware of what I was missing. So it’s probably a good thing that ignorance saved me from myself.” –Donna Mondi

"I just kept working; I kept going at it. I didn't really have a great plan B. I don't believe in plan B, because you won't make plan A work. So you just have to be patient and make it work." -Donna Mondi

"Show up for work and work will be there." -Donna Mondi

"I'm so determined; I can't fail. That's not an option. And I think that fear of failure keeps me driving forward...I just want to be the best...I'm just super driven and it probably came from a deep dark place of thinking I couldn't do something [and]being determined to prove that I could. And not only could I, but I could do it really well." -Donna Mondi


Donna Mondi Linked In

Donna Mondi Facebook

Donna Mondi Instagram

Donna Mondi Twitter

Donna Mondi Pinterest

"Traction" by Gino Wickman