SDH 265: Go From Part-time Blogger to Full-time Business Owner with Natalie Bacon

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Have you started a side gig, while still in Corporate America? Maybe it was something that came from a place of scarcity, a problem you wanted to talk about or fix? When did you realize that this passion project could be something more serious and the first step would be the leap?

Today’s guest, Natalie Bacon, worked on a blog about debt as a side project, coming from her frustration with her staggering student debt. Now, she has worked harder and smarter to turn that blog into a business as an online entrepreneur. Tune in to hear her story.


  • Learn the mechanics of making a blog a full-time gig

  • Understand why cutting out noise is necessary for the first phases of starting a business

  • Discover the difference between passive and active actions

  • Know the two problems holding you back from having a six-figure online business

  • Hear how to work through fear and doubt

  • See why shifting from a “time economy” to a “value and results economy” is  beneficial



“I believe that value creates money, not time.” Natalie Bacon

“I’m a big fan of measuring based on results and what you’re producing and not based on time spent.” Natalie Bacon

“I think it’s really easy to cut out distractions that you view as distractions; I think it’s much harder to cut out things you view as important to you and recognize them as distractions.” Natalie Bacon



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