SDH 291: How to Set Goals that Motivate You to Take Action with Lara Casey

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    How do you work on your goals? What motivates you to keep going? How about helping others set a goal and become motivated to reach them?

    Today's guest, Lara Casey,  just did that. Lara is the creator of the PowerSheets grace-filled goal planner, founder of Southern Weddings magazine, and author of Make It Happen and Cultivate. She helps women uncover their goals, make an action plan, and live it out.

    In this episode, you will...

    • Discover Lara's background and how she started entrepreneurship

    • Find out how PowerSheets grace-filled goal planner started

    • Hear how traditional business helped Lara in her business

    • Learn about the importance of being focused

    • Get to know Lara's mental process to trust her faith

    "The most important thing is just surrounded yourself with people who are wise and doing good business that you can learn from them and also give back to."

    "It's okay to grow slow."

    Lara Casey
    Cultivate What Matters