5 Ways to Stay Focused When Working From Home



Friend, if you’re just starting out or even if you work in a corporate setting but work from home then you know the type of struggle it can be at times. #struggleisreal Somedays I can be really productive at home and other days it is really hard to get the momentum going and I easily find myself distracted by a dirty dish in the sink or a load of laundry that needs to be done. Regardless, I have noticed a few things that have helped me stay focused when working from home.

1. Eliminate distractions

If you know that a dirty dish in the sink, load of laundry, messy house will be a distraction to you, schedule time the evening before to take care of it so it is done. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more satisfying and enjoyable waking up to a clean home (or in my case a studio apartment ;) I feel as though I’ve already started my day out ahead because everything is done, clean and I’m ready to go. So even if you're tired or you think to yourself "Ahh, I'll get it in the morning." STOP yourself and recognize that the joy it will bring you in the AM is worth your time to clean up right then and there.


2. Know exactly what you need to do for the day

Part of getting stuff done is know what you need to get done. If you don’t have a plan it is easy to get distracted and find yourself at the end of the day thinking you were productive but didn't really do anything that moved your business forward. I started using Megan Minn's "Ideal Calendar" day technique to help me structure my days more strategically, to get more of the right things done, to move my business forward. 


3. Schedule co-working dates

Okay, at least for me, I can’t work from home everyday, girlfriend needs to switch things up every once and awhile. I like change. Find someone that you know you can work alongside of and still be productive while doing so. You could even schedule your co-working time with that friend as a weekly staple where you put it on the calendar for every week, same time.


4. Get Dressed

For this one, get dressed the way that makes you feel good. So many people can be a boss in yoga pants and others prefer non yoga pants (<---insert skirt, jeans, trousers...you name it!). Do whatever feels good to you. Honestly for me, some days I’m in yoga pants and other days I’m in regular clothing. It happens to depend when I workout as I try to be the most efficient as possible.

But friend, what is important is for you to do you! What you don’t want to have happen is to spend energy deciding what you’re going to wear and feel guilty because you want to put on yoga pants but feel like you should put on jeans.


5. Own Your Work

I remember when I started out and was working from home I would allow myself to answer all the calls and text messages I received from friends and family and thought “How cool is it that I can chit chat with friends and family during the day!” and while I am grateful for the conversations that I had with them, in hindsight it wasn't helping with productivity and what I needed to get done. Stick to your schedule and own your work. It is important for you to protect your time to get your stuff done. You deserve it!


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