SDH 096: Filling in the Gap with Something You Love with Megan O'Connor

Have you identified a gap in a market that aligns with your passion? Are you ready to fill that gap, take the leap, and land? Are you a Type A person, unsure how to deal with the transition from having a predictable work schedule to an anything can happen at any moment schedule? Do you wonder how to get venture capitalist as interested in your product or service as much as you are? How do you even start up a start up?!  

Tune in to today’s episode to hear how Megan O’Connor, CEO & Co-Founder of Clark Virtual Tutors, identified a need in the market and helped create a solution for other educating entrepreneurs. Find out how Megan went from sales at The Economist, to selling her own service with passion. 

In this episode, you will… 

  • Discover how to identify your purpose in the market

  • Value the importance of extensive research to assist with the leap process

  • Obtain a trick for being fearless in a meeting where stakes are high

  • Reform your time management schedule from terms of months and years, to days in the startup world

  • Feel empowered to dress like yourself, and in turn gain killer confidence






“When I realized there was a big gap in the market, in terms of assistance for these awesome entrepreneurs of one, these businesses run by educators, in terms of software to support them, I knew that I needed to step in a be the person to build that.” 

“I would argue that working at a non-profit is definitely like working at a startup because, 1) you’re under resourced, 2) you’ve got to raise the money yourself and 3) you’ve got a bunch of scrappy individuals trying to make a big change in the world.” 

“It was a leap to say ‘alright, I’m going for it. This is my vision and I’m going to stick to it and run forward at it.” 

“It was nerve wrecking, by all means, but at the same time it feels so good, because every decision we make right now is about serving a population and creating a solution for people that matters the most for me.” 

“When you share with them, that numerically the numbers workout, this should exist, that’s when you get other people excited.”  

“You just have to get comfortable being the only woman in the room. Only 9% of venture backed business are led by women.”