SDH 275: Why Sometimes You Need to Reinvent Your Business with Marie Wiese


Today's guest is a senior marketing executive and founder of Marketing CoPilot, an award-winning digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines, Marie Wiese.

Marie is an advisor with start-ups at innovation centers in Canada, a Canadian Executive Council Member of CompTIA, a global technology association and the author of the award-winning business book, You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing for Any Business. Marie has worked in the B2B marketing sector for over 20 years and has been a driving voice for advancing women in the technology industry. On the topic of digital transformation of the marketing function, Marie has written and presented workbooks and workshops that help audience members create better results for their companies.

In this episode, you will...

  • Hear how Marie started her own business

  • Learn about Marketing Copilot

  • Hear about Marie's 12-year entrepreneurial journey

  • Discover the importance of digital marketing

  • Learn about the benefit of reinventing

  • Learn the importance of online presence for your business

"I have to become a leader, I can't just be good at something anymore. I  have to lead others to help me build it!"

"Aim high, fall short."

Marketing Copilot
You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing