SDH 094: Do What You Love. Love What You Do. | A conversation with Kristi Ross

Are you constantly questioning the opportunities circling around you? Do you ask yourself: which one should I go after? How do I even go after it? What if I fail?

Kristi Ross, fierce, financial boss, joins us today to share her journey. The journey begins with her lead up, to her leap that she took only 3 years out of college as a CFO, and ends with her land as Co-CEO and President, of tastytrade and the online financial network, dough. Prepare to be in the best financial fitness shape of your life, with Ms. Ross' finance resources and killer confidence advice.

Ms. Ross did not start out by doing what she loved, and loving what she did. She worked in accounting because it was the easiest path to something she was good at. 

Sound familiar? 

However, Ms. Ross used her skill as an opportunity to gain exposure to other companies in the financial market. In a short amount of time, the exposure awakened her to where she truly wanted to be.

Tune in to learn the process behind Ms. Ross' feared leap into a male dominated industry to follow her passion.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to combine content and technology to make your product, service, or message more powerful

  • Build a female voice in male dominated industries (so, most industries included here Lady Bosses)

  • Know how to determine what opportunity to go after and Ms. Ross' opportunity process

  • Acquire the tools & knowledge to invest yourself in a smart way on an online platform

  • Identify your method that helps you get through the day

Ready to gain a confidence boost needed to take the opportunities waiting for you, and DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO? Tune in!





“I don’t necessarily have to be making a statement, but as long as I am asking a question, learning and garnering as much information as I can, that’s enough of having a voice to be invited to the table.” -Ms. Ross

“When you’re looking at these different opportunities you say ‘is that something that I can be passionate about? Is that something I am going to love, that I am going to get up every morning and do every single day?”- Ms. Ross

“Confidence doesn’t equal competence, but it does equal perceived confidence.” -Ms. Ross

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